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The Story To My Commitment

The odds are stacked against you. As you sit in the courtroom, you wait for the jury to rule whether you are guilty. As you sweat, you could fill the Pacific Ocean. Your eyes flicker around the room, looking for someone to realize you are not guilty. In the end, the jury decides that you are not guilty. You feel a breeze of relief pass through you, but who to thank for this?

Twelve Angry Men by David Mamet proceeds to tell this story. The moral of the story that stuck to me was that everybody was against the boy, but the whole game flipped when the eighth juror stood up.

This educational experience shaped me into thinking deeper and taking action into women's empowerment. The book initiated me to start a change. It is not about the perception of people against you but about the perseverance you have towards your commitment.

The media portrays women as rocks that defeat scissors but are warped around a paper. The concept of equality has been verified ever since Laurie Simmons photographed dollhouses that called out the stereotypes of young girls turned into homemakers. One of the most potent tools used by feminist activists during the late 1960s was art. It is no accident that when feminism met photography, it was a match made in heaven.

However, still, females are portrayed as weaker in the human eye. Women can empower society, but there is always something stopping us, and we need to show we can break the glass barrier. My motivation comes from wanting to break this stereotypical barrier that has been planted for women in society. Creative work incapsulates and amplifies beyond its intent; for example, in 1984, pure artwork of literature continues to be one of the best journals for its time and relevant lense for todays' political world.

Technology and innovation are developed to fulfill the need of society but often start to shape the society itself. Next-generation technology will influence every aspect of our society, including feminism.

My motive concludes by telling the world that rock conquers scissors; scissors defeat paper, but the paper does not bash the rock. The girt and dedication to these issues will allow me to face challenges with my chin faced high and nothing to hide; this issue calls for different voices to be heard.

Collaborating with strong-minded, dedicated people will keep me motivated to face obstacles that will occur my way because no life motive is fullied without challenges. As Alex Elle once said, "I am thankful for my struggle because I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength without it."

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