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Empowerment Gaps with Technology

Our Mission

Our NGO empowers women of all ages through various impactful initiatives. We host mentor sessions, assist girls in starting their own passion projects, and expand into various branches such as STEM, Volunteer, and Finance empowerment. We proudly have representatives from 22 countries, highlighting our global reach and diverse community.

We conduct global surveys to gather firsthand information to ensure our programs are effective and relevant. We provide opportunities for rising high schoolers, focusing on digital enablement to drive women’s empowerment. Through our efforts, we strive to create a supportive and inspiring environment for women worldwide.




CV Crafters is an app designed to empower women engaged in odd jobs by simplifying the job search process. This platform allows women to submit their resumes, enabling potential employers to access and connect with them easily. CV Crafters exemplifies Wege's commitment to creating inclusive opportunities and fostering empowerment in diverse career paths.



WEGE pioneers women's financial literacy through an innovative app, offering mentor-mentee sessions for personalized guidance on financial planning and investment. The app serves as a knowledge hub, providing information about government schemes tailored to empower women economically. 



Women in STEM  is a collaborative effort partially produced and developed by WEGE . This innovative platform is designed to cater to students, providing them with convenient access to a wealth of resources and notes. There is a section providing guidance for Women in STEM, which is introduced by WEGE. 


Survey Response

On Finanacial Independence

The statistic  underscores a predominant demographic trend among women, primarily aged between 30 and 45, where a substantial proportion, often constituting a family of four, including themselves, reflects a heightened sense of financial dependency on external sources.

50% of women are financially dependent 


The data highlights a significant trend, revealing that 52% of women lack the knowledge on how to open a Fixed Deposit (FD) account. This points towards a potential financial dependency or, alternatively, a gap in financial literacy.

52% of women do NOT know how to open an FD account 


This statistic suggests either a notable financial dependency or a potential lack of information and awareness about individual financial matters among women who choose not to file taxes independently. It underscores the importance of delving into financial literacy to address knowledge gaps, empowering women to make more informed and self-reliant financial decisions.

42.35% of women do NOT file taxes independently 


The data indicates that 33% of women lack the knowledge to independently file for a Fixed Deposit (FD). This observation suggests either a reliance on external assistance or a potential gap in financial literacy.

33% of women do NOT file for FD independently


As an advocate for women's empowerment, I am committed to utilizing technology to instigate positive community transformations.

Growing up in China, India, and the Middle East, and as an IBDP student, I deeply understand diverse cultures, shaping my perspective on effecting meaningful change.

As part of an internship at Zene za Zene, I immersed myself in a digital literacy project to empower underprivileged women. This experience served as a realization of the potential that technology holds as a force for positive change.


This commitment is reflected in the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality initiative, where I believe in using technology to bridge gaps, create opportunities, and promote inclusivity.


I aim to be a driving force for positive change in technology-driven women's empowerment.

Anvi Singh

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