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Indian women's views on Women Empowerment

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

49.8% of India's population is female. According to the current population growth rate of one percent, India will add 13 million people this year. India's growth rate is estimated to be 10.1 percent in 2022. Shortly, India's economy will grow at its fastest pace. As India's economy is growing, Indian citizen's minds should also be developing and changing daily. Women empowerment has been a significant issue for India, with problems such as child marriages, sexual harassment, inadequate Nutrition, domestic violence, etc.

In India, there are visible changes in metropolitan cities as compared to small towns and villages. Some states are liberal but, others are not when it comes to equal opportunity for women.

When interviewing a working middle-class female based in India, I found that women with more experience in today's society are better informed than those not exposed to an office working community.

When asked the question, "when did you experience a sense of empowerment?" Answers varied from "I don't know," "Since childhood," and "When I got my first salary. "

It was clear that somebody's surroundings can have a significant impact on how empowered they feel.

Being raised in a home where boys and girls have equal access to education and rights is a blessing for many women in India. Since we spend most of our childhoods with our families, feeling respected in our own homes is essential.

Hence, our first difference must be in our homes and how we treat the women in our families.

Then when asked, "When has been your least empowered moment?" many replies were "traveling alone," "traveling at night."

These answers prove that the safety concern for women in India, even in large cities, is still the top reason women feel less empowered in today's society.

To ensure women feel safe when they travel alone or leave their house at night, the second change is to make them feel safe when they leave their homes alone. Society must learn to respect women and change their views on how they see women. By preventing street harassment of women, we can make a significant impact.

Therefore, it is imperative to find ways to empower women. There is no doubt that we need to make an impact in our homes and society. To help on a larger scale, we need to know what we can do. The changes begin in your home and become a part of society over time.

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